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What’s New! G&J Line Added

“Responding to customer requests, we have added Glunz & Jensen film and plate processors to our list of products and services”, said Ron Musgrave, President of Newspaper Solutions. “With several models of film processor currently being phased out, the timing has never been better to replace aging units or to add a spare”, Musgrave commented. Call or email us for specifications and pricing.

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Welcome to Newspaper Solutions

Newspaper Solutions, a division of AO, Inc., is a service and support organization dedicated solely to small and mid-size newspapers. Our goal is to help you publish your newspaper better, faster, and cheaper. We offer a wide array of products and services ranging from pre-press consultation (alfa CTP, imagesetter, networking, etc.) to newspaper-specific Photoshop training to imagesetter repairs. Feel free to call us or check our web site often to see new and innovative ways we can help your newspaper.

Colenta Parts, Processors Available

Newspaper Solutions is now your premier source for Colenta brand film processors and parts. We offer quick delivery and aggressive pricing. Included are parts for OEM processors sold under the PrePRESS brand name. We offer only genuine Colenta brand processors and part, not generic imitations. PDF datasheets are available for all models upon request.


Newspaper Solutions offers a full range of electronics for the production of your newspaper. We offer monitors, scanners, storage (internal, external, and removable), RAID backup solutions, scanners, digital cameras, and more. We also can supply networking switches, hubs, and wireless, and cables of various types. We can also assist in the purchase of Macintosh computers for your paper. Any of the above can be installed at your site, if desired.

Newspaper Solutions offers on-site training in Photoshop, QuarkXPress, tone reproduction and workflow solutions. We provide refresher training on the Panther RIP for new prepress staff, or when installing RIP upgrades.

Call us with your newspaper electronics needs.

alfa CTP

Newspaper Solutions supports the alfa CTP line of imagesetters. Our service department is factory-trained on the Panther Pro 36 and 46, Utara, and Catara lines of imagesetters. We can offer service contracts on your existing imagesetters, repair and preventive maintenance service, and de-installation and re-installation of machines that are being relocated. If your trained prepress staff have moved on, we can offer refresher training on the Panther RIP for your current staff. We can also offer installation and training on RIP upgrades.

Apple’s OS X

Apple's introduction of the OS X operating system in 2001 brought many changes in the way programs and networks functioned. While some changes were welcome and long overdue, some incompatibilities exist between the new and old operating systems.Changes in Appletalk have caused problems printing from an OS X application to a Panther RIP running under OS 9. Users might see one page or several pages of a print job fail to print, but print successfully when resent. Pages print OK when sent one at a time.

Another problem seen when using files from OS X is that they're not recognized by the RIP when placed in a Panther Hot Folder. OS X doesn't include information the RIP needs to identify the file type, and the RIP ignores the file. A work-around is to open the offending PDF in Acrobat and re-save the file, or use a file typing utility such as Typeator. The third problem seen with older RIPs is PDF compatibility. If you are using a RIP earlier than Release 10, you must save your PDFs as Acrobat 3 format. PrePRESS recommends saving PDFs as Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3) for Release 10 RIPs. PrePRESS's Release 12 RIP solves all of these problems, running natively under OS X, and with a new version of Adobe Postscript.

The Panther OS X RIP

Upgrading to the latest Panther RIP offers several advantages to speed up your production. It runs natively under OS X, from 10.2 through 10.4. Appletalk issues that resulted in some files in a group failing to print have been resolved. And the RIP is aware of file extensions as well as the older type and creator codes, so the files will print normally from hot folders. Since it runs on the OS X operating system, the RIP takes advantage of the faster processing speed of G5 Macintoshes. Earlier RIPs could only run on Macintoshes that could boot into OS 9, and those were discontinued in 2003. Upgrading the computer along with the RIP will have your files through the RIP and out to the imagesetter much faster. To run the Release 12 Panther RIP, you will need a dual-boot G4 or G5 PowerMac, OS X (up to 10.4.11), an ATTO SCSI card if your operating system is OS X 10.3 or 10.4, at least 512MB RAM (with 1GB preferred,) an appropriate SCSI cable, and a USB security key.